Welcome to Horizon Ascendant!

We have the utmost confidence that your use of this software will take you to The Next Level in your process automation endeavors. On this web page, you can access and download all of the programming elements necessary to get you up and running with Workflow Ascendant. You will, however, need as a minimum a Notes client and, preferably, a complete Domino environment (including Domino Designer)to use and modify these applications.

We highly recommend the following approach in getting up to speed with the software:

  1. View the Purchasing Example videos (parts 1 and 2) for a general orientation. This will give you an idea of how Workflow Ascendant works in the context of a (somewhat) real example. Please note however that this application was created using v6.3 (v7.1 is no longer web compatible).
  2. Download WAApplicationA.nsf and WAApplicationB.nsf, accessing them as you read the Developer’s Guide and view the corresponding training videos. The former explains the concepts while the latter demonstrates the various Workflow Ascendant mechanisms and how they affect application behavior. After viewing these, you should have a firm grasp of the methodology which underlies this workflow development tool.
Here following are the specific files and corresponding descriptions:
  • IDs. Contains all of the Notes IDs used in the domain “Horizon” and therefore all examples in the Developer’s Guide and various videos. To note: “black.id” is the default manager for all applications which you will need to initially access them (as the “Consistent ACL” option is activated). There are no passwords associated with these IDs.
  • Names.  The Domino Directory for the domain “Horizon”. You will want to use this if you plan on setting up the complete Horizon test environment. [We hope to have a script available shortly which will automatically create the mailboxes corresponding to the users contained in this directory.] Should you wish to use web clients to access these applications, the space bar (“ “) is the password used for all users.
  • WA7.1.ntf. This is the baseline used to create new workflow application.
  • WAApplicationA.nsf. This application corresponds to all of the examples in Chapter 2 - Process: Routing documents of the Workflow Ascendant Developer’s Guide.
  • WAApplicationB.nsf. This application corresponds to all of the examples in Chapter 3 - Constraints: Specifying Users of the Workflow Ascendant Developer’s Guide.

Thank you for considering Workflow Ascendant! Our well wishes to you in your development efforts from all of us here at Horizon Ascendant.